At HYT Food Industries, we pride ourselves as an innovative confectioner and food manufacturer offering a wide range of high quality, halal mooncakes, fruit cakes, layer cakes, cookies and many more. While our products are made of fine ingredients and handled in accordance with the HACCP principles, our customers have been equally delighted with our unique and exciting design and packaging. The HYT brand is available locally, OEM and export.

At HYT Food Industries Sdn Bhd, we are devoted to pursuing and perfecting every aspect of the confectionary craft.

CASAHANA is our key brand that specialises in oriental pastries, mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese weddings, newborn full moon celebration and special occasion gift packs.

Bite into any of our delicate creations and savour our passion for the art of confectionary. Only the finest ingredients and careful preparation go into every product that bears our label. We consistently channel fresh ideas into the manufacture and supply of a wide range of quality and delicious confectionary such as mooncakes and a divine range of cookies and pastries throughout the year. Our creativity overflows into innovative packaging that continues to delight customers around the world!

From the manufacturing process to packaging, we make constant inspections to meet the high quality we have built our company's reputation on. Each of our product packaging carries the 'Halal' certification, which is a total quality concept that is instantly recognised by both the Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide. This is proof to the strict food manufacturing processes we adhere to, from raw materials right up to distribution of the finished products. Our customers know they can trust us to create distinctive and premium quality products.

* Special Label
Our products can be packaged under a customer's brand label.

* Made-to-Order
Individuals and corporations (OEM) can rely on us to develop and manufacture customised products under their label.

* Wholesale
Our specialty products are also sold through key distributors, department stores, restaurants and gourmet shops.